Appointment of New Territorial Directors for the Lay Consecrated Men

The Lay Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi are currently organized in two territories, the territory of Mexico and North America and the territory of Europe and Chile. Within the territory of Mexico and North America are five communities:  one in New York, one in Monterrey, and three in Mexico City. The territory of Europe and Chile includes three communities: Madrid, Rome, and Santiago in Chile.

Jorge Lopez, General Director of the Lay Consecrated Men, has named Emilio Martinez as territorial director for the territory of Europe and Chile. Javier Bendek, Manuel Cordero, and Fernando Lorenzo were named as territorial council members.

For the territory of Mexico and North America, Jose Mateos was named territorial director for a second term of three years. Guillermo Campillo, Antonio Maza, and Bernardo Rangel were named as his council members.

A brief bio of Jose Mateos Brito follows:

Jose was born in Mexico in 1970. He is the fifth of six siblings. Originally from the Regnum Christi Section of Monterrey, he became a member of the movement in March of 1991. He is an architect and has a Masters Degree in Family Sciences from the JPII Institute in Mexico City. He was part of the RC Mission Corp Program working in Viña del Mar, Chile from 1993 to 1995.

He consecrated his life in Regnum Chisti in 1995 and has worked since then in the following apostolic assignments:

  • The Highlands School and RC Young Men’s Section in Dallas, Texas
  • General Secretary of the Anahuac University in Mexico City
  • National Director of Mission Network, Mexico
  • Local Coordinator of Apostolate for the Southeast of Mexico
  • National Director of the RC Mission Corp Program in Mexico

Along with these assignments, Jose has been very active as a missionary and promoting the Theology of the Body of John Paul II.