Vocational Process of the Regnum Christi Lay Consecrated Men

Initial Formation - Discernment Course

3 to 4 week long period aimed at understanding and discerning a vocational call as well as acquiring a deeper knowledge of the lay consecrated vocation within Regnum Christi.


This stage has as its goal: attaining a deeper knowledge of the consecrated vocation in Regnum Christi, acquiring the habits associated with the vocation, and a strengthening of the decision to follow Christ in this way.

The Initial Formation stage spans two years: the first year is exclusively set aside for human and spiritual formation, while the second year is dedicated also to academic and apostolic activities.

First Temporary Vows

After the Initial Formation stage, first temporary vows are made for three years. During this stage, lay consecrated men in formation continue the professional formation and the apostolic activities that have been assigned to them.

The First Vows period has as its aim a deeper discernment and preparation for final vows.

Second Temporary Vows

Vows are taken for an additional three years.
Studies and full time apostolic activity continued. This is the final period of discernment before taking Final Vows.

Final Vows and Apostolic Life

Once the period of temporary vows is complete, the consecrated can be admitted to the profession of final vows. In this stage, the consecrated man devotes himself to full time apostolic activities and ongoing pastoral and professional formation.


If you identify with the Regnum Christi spirit, are inspired by the work of the Consecrated men, and feel Christ calling you to live intimately united to him, carrying out his mission in the world… this could be for you.


Each vocation is a gift and most people discover their gift through a gradual process of discernment. Since the beginning of life on earth, God has chosen to reveal both his larger plan for humanity and his specific plan for each individual in a gradual way. When it comes to an individual’s vocation it’s common in the beginning to take notice of a thought or two or three – that provokes some personal reflection. More thoughts follow which leads to questions needing answers. As this happens we seek out responses from others and God. Throughout this gradual discovery one generally perceives an invitation to a greater commitment and then ultimately to a total self gift. This is common among Lay Consecrated, married people, priests and religious.

Typically, there are both interior and exterior signs that accompany someone as they discern a particular vocation. An isolated sign or two will not be enough to make a final determination when it comes to vocational discernment. After having received a variety of signs along with a growing internal conviction a person begins to perceive more clarity regarding God’s Specific call.


An Interior Sign: A person should be attracted to and resonate with the identity and mission of the Lay Consecrated Men

An initial sign of a particular vocation is interior resonance with that vocation, one relates to or connects with the identity and mission specific to that vocation and style of life.

Our name, the “Lay Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi” implies our specific identity within the RC Movement. We are one hundred percent lay and totally consecrated to God and his Church through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. We are also fully committed to the spirituality, methodology and apostolic/ministry common to all members of the Regnum Christi Family.

A Lay Consecrated Man is encouraged to live out his gifts, talents and strengths through his profession and to act as a bridge builder between the clerical/religious state and all laypeople – either single or married. We identify closely with the way Christ lived out his own daily interactions within the secular world. At times Christ worked alongside people on a purely human level while at other times He witnessed to them about the love that His Father has for each human person!

Three initial questions that may help you discern whether or not you have a Lay Consecrated vocation:
  1. Do I sometimes experience an interior restlessness/yearning for something greater that can be partially fulfilled after I have helped someone get a little closer to God?
  2. Could I be a member of a community/an authentic fellowship of men, who enthusiastically live out their faith with each other & work together to bring the “Good News” to the world?
  3. Do I feel called to live a life of poverty, chastity and obedience in order to totally consecrate my life to Jesus Christ, His Church and to serve my neighbor?


Exterior Signs: personal journey and inclinations

Most of our Lay Consecrated Men were actively involved in ECYD/Regnum Christi/RC School as a youth, college student or young professional. Occasionally young men discovered the seeds of their vocation after a series of retreats, through spiritual direction, on mission trips or via an RC apostolate.

Personal preferences can also be seen as signs of a potential call. If a young man senses from within an inclination to professional work and the direct evangelization of daily life/work, it may be a sign that God could be calling him to a life of lay consecration.

A few more questions that could help determine if some exterior signs are present:
  1. Do I see myself as a person who would like to put their talents at the service of a profession/ ministry in order to bring my fellow coworkers and people I serve closer to God?
  2. Have I enjoyed participating in Regnum Christi (ECYD) spirituality or apostolates?
  3. Have I been actively engaged in and enjoyed a ministry or apostolate that serves others?


Some suggestions to start a Discernment Process

  • Develop a deeper life of prayer (include a regular examination of your daily activities, looking for patterns of behavior and insights from yourself, others and God). Writing a brief summary of your daily observations could facilitate this process.
  • Maintain and if possible increase your sacramental life (frequent reception of the Eucharist and regular Confession). Spend some time alone praying/thinking in front of the Blessed Sacrament – this will help you in many ways!!
  • Seek opportunities to experience Regnum Christi (retreats, apostolate, RC Spirituality, RC or ECYD Team, RCMC yearly volunteer Program).
  • Look for regular and in-depth spiritual direction that will help you form habits of discernment.
  • Personal interaction with RC Lay Consecrated Men (weekend visit to our house in Virginia, Holy Week Missions with RCLC in Mexico, Summer Program, etc.)
  • Ask a family member, close friend or acquaintance that has a deep life of prayer, to pray for you during this process.
  • If you are interested in the Lay Consecrated vocation then we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to provide some personal vocational accompaniment through one of the RC Lay Consecrated Men.

For additional information about this vocation and for opportunities to visit one of our communities, please contact Tony at amacdonnell@arcol.org or call/text (914) 471-2084.