Vocational Process of the Regnum Christi Lay Consecrated Men

Initial Formation - Discernment Course

3 to 4 week long period aimed at understanding and discerning a vocational call as well as acquiring a deeper knowledge of the lay consecrated vocation within Regnum Christi.


This stage has as its goal: attaining a deeper knowledge of the consecrated vocation in Regnum Christi, acquiring the habits associated with the vocation, and a strengthening of the decision to follow Christ in this way.

The Initial Formation stage spans two years: the first year is exclusively set aside for human and spiritual formation, while the second year is dedicated also to academic and apostolic activities.

First Temporary Vows

After the Initial Formation stage, first temporary vows are made for three years. During this stage, lay consecrated men in formation continue the professional formation and the apostolic activities that have been assigned to them.

The First Vows period has as its aim a deeper discernment and preparation for final vows.

Second Temporary Vows

Vows are taken for an additional three years.
Studies and full time apostolic activity continued. This is the final period of discernment before taking Final Vows.

Final Vows and Apostolic Life

Once the period of temporary vows is complete, the consecrated can be admitted to the profession of final vows. In this stage, the consecrated man devotes himself to full time apostolic activities and ongoing pastoral and professional formation.


If you identify with the Regnum Christi spirit, are inspired by the work of the Consecrated men, and feel Christ calling you to live intimately united to him, carrying out his mission in the world… this could be for you.