Should you just become a priest? – you are giving up so much already and the Church needs more priests.

Great question, first you need to think about the Lay Consecrated life as a call among a variety of vocations within the Church. The invitation always begins with God’s call. Discovering what God wants from you must arise from an intentional time of serious reflection and discernment. The foundational answer to this question is to listen closely to God. He has been and is currently communicating to you the call that he created you for. The Holy Spirit has inspired vocations throughout history and during the last few years he has have brought about a rediscovery of the treasure of the lay vocation. Our Vocation unites this lay dimension to a total and exclusive consecration to God, enriched by the charism of the Regnum Christi Movement.

What type of work/ministry do Lay Consecrated Men do?

In the United States we have men working in finance, administration, universities, evangelization and church ministry. Through their ministry, they delve into understanding temporal realities in order to transform them with the Gospel message.

Consecrated men discover the greatest sense of meaning and purpose in their lives when they are able to apply the gifts and talents God gave them to their daily work environment. We use our specific Charism (specific mode of sharing Christ with others) in our professional work. This combination of Regnum Christi methodology and spirituality enables us to serve, and to grow in our love for God and our neighbor.

Where do you live?

Our main house is just outside New York City. We chose this city because every type of career is possible here and there are also many opportunities to serve the local Church. We also have men in Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC. You can also find consecrated men living in Mexico, Chile, Rome, Ireland, and Spain.

What do you study?

As mentioned above we work in many fields; university studies are important and many of our men have graduate degrees in administration, engineering, economics, business, theology, philosophy and education, etc. Studies in theology, philosophy and the humanities are required.

How long is your formation before you take your final vows/promises to the Church?

Typically it’s an eight year process of formation, study and discernment and includes at least an undergraduate degree and postgraduate studies.

What vows do RC Lay Consecrated Men make?

Responding to God’s call, RC Consecrated men embrace the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience freely and out of love. Through our vows, we are consecrated to God.
We also make two promises specific to our charism and calling:
– to live the mission of extending Christ’s Kingdom with a spirit of service, humility, and availability.
– to live communion in the family of Regnum Christi and in the Church through charity in word and deed.

What capacities and characteristics are needed for the life and mission of an RC Lay Consecrated Man?

– strong prayer and sacramental life
– capacities for living the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience
– flexibility and adaptability to change: culture, language, community, apostolic ministry
– strong psychology and emotional maturity
– sufficient health for our active lifestyle
– capacity for community living
– an ardent zeal to put people in touch with God’s love and mercy
– skills for communication and teamwork
– capacity for hard work and sacrifice
– spirit of initiative, service, and gratitude
– openness and receptivity towards God and others
– identification with Regnum Christi’s apostolic charism and methodology

Why an 8 year discernment process before final vows?

The time periods of candidacy and temporary vows provide ample opportunity for discerning and confirming a divine call to the lay consecrated life within Regnum Christi.