«For us, the important thing is the Regnum Christi»

A few years ago, at the request of the Church, we began a process of renewal in Regnum Christi.

This process has had several moments. In the first place, each of the branches of the Movement made an analysis of its own identity. To this end, the fundamental documents of each group were revised (statutes and constitutions). These processes concluded with the General Assembly of the consecrated laymen of 2013, with the General Assembly of the Consecrated Women of 2013, the General Chapter of the Legionaries of Christ of 2014 and with the international convention of the laity members in 2016.

Once the reflection of each one of the branches in particular has concluded, together we have begun the reflection on the Regnum Christi Movement as a whole. For this reflection we have used as a basis the draft of the general statutes of the Regnum Christi. This draft has been reflected on several levels: individual, communities, local, territorial. An important moment has been the territorial assemblies held between September and November 2017, which have expressed their views on the draft. These assemblies have had two moments: a common moment between all the members of the Movement and a specific moment of each branch. In the case of the consecrated laymen, they participated in the common assembly but there have been no territorial assemblies of the branch but reflections by community.

The next step will be: the general assembly of the consecrated laymen (December 2017), the general assembly of the consecrated women (April 2018), the general chapter of the Legion of Christ (April 2018) and the international convention of Regnum Christi (April 2018), which should give their opinion on the draft and other issues. With this information the proposal of the Regnum Christi Statutes will be presented to the Holy See.

This is the reason why the consecrated laymen are preparing for the assembly that we will have at Christmas. We have to meet, share the reflections we have made in our communities, listen to the Holy Spirit and express what we feel God wants for Regnum Christi.

Jorge López, our general responsible, shares with us his vision of the branch assembly that we will have in December:

Why should the consecrated laymen have a general assembly?
It is certainly our obligation in obedience to the Church. It is an opportunity to better understand what God wants from Regnum Christi, and in the Regnum Christi from the consecrated laymen.

Why will it be in December?
We have thought that everyone can participate and for this the best thing is that it is during the period of the Christmas holidays. The assembly will begin on December 27 (feast of St. John the Evangelist) and end on January 3.

Who will participate and why?
In addition to all the consecrated laymen, including the two who have just started the formation period, members from other branches of Regnum Christi will participate: Gloria Rodríguez, Carmen Ramírez, P. Sylvester Heereman, L.C, José Antonio Lebrija and, possibly, Francisco Gámez. We want the presence of all branches as a «sacrament» of ecclesial communion.

Where will it be made?
At the retreat house «Santa María del Lago» in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.

What is the main task of the Assembly?
Express our opinion on the draft of the general statutes of the Regnum Christi.

How are the consecrated laymen preparing to the Assembly?
Communities of consecrated laymen are having meetings to deepen the draft of the statutes. We are using the same questionnaire as the territorial assemblies.

Are the consecrated laymen participating in the territorial assemblies of Regnum Christi?
Yes. In some cases they participate as delegates with voice and vote. In other cases, in those territories where there is no presence of consecrated laymen, they come with voice but without vote.

How would you like the atmosphere of the assembly to be?
I hope to see Jesus present: speaking, healing, announcing the mystery of the Kingdom.

Which issues of the draft do you think are the most important to discuss in the assembly?
The spirituality and mission of Regnum Christi. Only from there is everything else understood. The great «enemy» is pragmatism: to make things «work» well, sacrificing the charism.

What do you think should be the main contribution of the consecrated laymen in this process of revision of the statutes?
Our history and particular vocation helps us to understand that the whole is more important than the part. For us, the important thing is the Regnum Christi, not our branch. Being small and poor can be an advantage.

What would you recommend to the consecrated laymen for the assembly?
Have the same feelings as Jesus Christ. We have consecrated ourselves to be with Him and to live like Him.

Would you like to ask something to the other members of the Movement?
Yes. Obedience to the Church. We initiated this process because Pope Benedict intervened and asked us for a renewal. We need the gift of conversion. For this we must listen to what the Church is telling us through Pope Francis and the ecclesial mediations that he offers us.

For more information about this process, you can access the following link http://www.regnumchristi.org/rcstatutes/en/